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Meet our experts.

We pride ourselves with having access to a large network of industry experts and specialists, who support us in our projects.

The United Manufacturing Hub is an open-source industrial IoT and manufacturing application platform enabling users to connect, store, and access all relevant data sources in industrial manufacturing sites and build user-centric dashboards and applications.

CO-Founder & COO

Industrial IoT Expert with experience in deploying and operating large-scale industrial IoT projects in a wide range of industries.

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CO-Founder & CFO

Innovation and finance expert with and international MBA (Barcelona/Nagoya) degree and hands-on exerience in industrial IoT and digitalization.

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CO-Founder & CTO

Industrial IoT expert with experience in designing and developing large-scale complex industrial IoT projects in a wide range of industries.

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ANTICIPATE is an AI software vendor targeting the manufacturing industry. It provides end-to-end solutions for visual inspections in the areas of Quality, Maintenance, Assembly and Safety.

With easy, no-code point-and-click features all in one platform, ANTICIPATE slashes your time-to-production and accelerates the success of AI-Vision-powered solutions across industries.

CO-Founder & CEO, Business Development

Experience in deploying and operating large scale industrial IoT projects in a wide range of industries. Integrated 100+ production assets, developed and integrated 50+ AI-based use cases for different industries.

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CO-Founder & CTO, Software Development

Specialized in entrepreneurship, innovation management, and digital manufacturing. Has led 20+ management workshops for manufacturing companies as expert for digitization with focus on AI.

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